Thursday, 23 June 2011

You know........

............. that it's Midsummer in Edinburgh when it has been raining without cease for a week, the tourists all look like they want to cry and you have just taken the winter weight duvet out of the cupboard and put it back on your bed.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Oh, hi. You're still there?

Wow. Almost a month appears to have passed since I last blogged. This is partly due to a certain amount of stuff that was going on that I couldn't really blog about and partly (mostly) due to my laziness/devotion to playing Scrabble with my Mum on Facebook. And now there is so much to talk about that I am reduced to bullet points. So: Stuff That Has Happened Since I last Posted
  • I turned 44. It wasn't too bad.
  • We discovered that bunnies and not slugs are munching all our vegetables down at the cottage.
  • We discovered you cannot buy Bunny Pellets at the garden centre.
  • Noted that Internet recommends scattering human and/or dog hair all over your garden to discourage the furry munch-monsters without actually harming them. Wondering (a) how much hair will I get if I shave the children? or alternatively, (b) where can I lay my hands on supplies of dog hair without upsetting my dog-owning neighbours?
  • Went into mourning as our friendly neighbourhood butcher over the road retired and went off to play golf instead of slicing bacon and making steak pies for our delectation. His shop has been taken over by a dog grooming business. Oh, wait.......
  • Covered a very hilly 6 miles in 1 hour 45 minutes with my Mum as we participated in the Race for Life last Sunday. Enjoyed embarrassing my Mum on Facebook as I told everyone how she left me with the bags after we crossed the finish line and went off to use the loos, and how she then got lost on her way back to me and had to go and ask the nice man on the stage to put a call out for me on the PA to come and get her. Said nice man then announced to the assembled masses (the 5k race was just getting ready to start) that Mum had been claimed by her daughter and suggested I should either put a leash on her next time or get one of those chips put in her ear.
  • Realised we leave for the annual Loth Family Canadia Jamboree in about a fortnight. That sound you can hear is the entire whale population of the north Atlantic getting ready to decamp the minute I set foot on a whalewatching ship. I don't care! I still can't wait!