Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hi! I'm back!

I have actually been away this time, rather than just too lazy to blog. Half-term holiday was last week and we spent it away from home. I will fill in the details when I can be bothered I have time, promise. There will be photos and everything.

In the meantime, courtesy of First Born we have "The Weird Dream I Had Last Night" (I promise, by the way, that not only do I have FB's permission to blog about this, he actually begged me to. The question of how and to what extent I am warping my children with blog posts is one for another day, thank you.) Anyway, FB's dream went thusly:

"I dreamt that every year in the autumn, anything made of tin and all fresh spinach mutated and joined together to form spider-like creatures about the size of dustbin lids. These tin/spinach tarantulas would run around for a while and then, when it got cold enough, they would all migrate south for the winter (Ed: leaving us with nothing to keep our baked beans in, I presume). They migrated via the pipes in your house. They were harmless unless you bothered them and if you did that, they got very aggressive and dragged you down into the pipes with them. I dreamt that I dropped a shoe on one (Ed: Highly credible. Shoes are only one of the many items dropped on a daily basis by FB.) and it got angry and it and its friends tried to drag me down the pipes. I woke up really scared they were going to get me and had to sleep right against the wall for the rest of the night just in case."

All I can read into that one is that FB has a highly-developed fear of green leafy vegetables. Unless anyone else fancies having a go at interpreting this one?

Monday, 10 October 2011

It's a worry

The problem with having a young teen and a practising-really-hard-to-be-a-teen around the place is that they have a tendency to hog the laptop. Even worse is when their slightly dodgy friends come round and hog the laptop.

Why yes, that is a plush stuffed toy Face-hugger from "Alien". On my couch. Presumably updating its status on Facebook. Perfectly normal.