Thursday, 5 June 2008

Sorry for the radio silence

I have been very quiet since last weekend, basically because it was a monumentally crappy week. One of the least pleasant weeks I have had for a while. Something which had already been going badly at work (and which I can't, for obvious reasons, therefore, talk about in detail) took a turn for the worse and has become frankly horrible. It's not over yet but the next stage happens when I am on holiday so I now have to pull one of my poor work colleagues into it too. Ugh.

The bad turn began to happen last Tuesday which also happened to be my 41st birthday. That didn't particularly bother me (although 41 sounds MUCH older than 40 for some reason) but it did mean I had to be nice and chirpy to people at work who were doing nice things for me (cards and good wishes) when really I just wanted to hide in my room and speak to no-one.

Then on the way home from work ON MY BIRTHDAY I got caught up in a humungous traffic jam and whilst stuck on a roundabout, I had to swerve a bit to avoid a woman who decided she was joining the roundabout whether there was a space for her or not. And I hit the car in front. By the time I had pulled over to the side (no mean feat in a traffic jam) the woman had buggered off into the distance and I was left with the disgruntled guy I had hit. He barely spoke English so my explanation of why I had rear-ended him went over his head. The bump wasn't his fault so bang (almost literally) go my years of no-claims bonus and my premiums will no doubt rocket. Grrrrr.

Work didn't really improve so I was pretty fed up by the weekend. A nice sunny day and a barbeque helped, followed by taking the boys to see Indiana Jones on Sunday. (I pause to note: £11.20 for two bottles of fruit juice and two small boxes of popcorn???????). And now the next week is almost over. It hasn't got any better but it hasn't got worse, so meh. I had a coffee or two with the dashing Kal yesterday which was nice, especially since he was dressed like a superhero ("Super-Ambulance-Tech-guy!") and he made me laugh like a drain about deeply inappropriate things, for which I am grateful.

Pinocchio tomorrow, followed by a jaunt to Cockermouth for nephew's birthday. My brother has hired a bouncy castle and is planning to make margaritas. Interesting combination, no?


  1. I wondered where you were + if you had dropped off the blogosphere!

    Sorry to hear about your crappy week. I have just blogged about my crappity childhood ... perhaps a look at someone's else more shitty life might make you think things are not so bad? (LOL!)

    My next birthday will be 41 as well (shudder!).

    Best wishes,

  2. Happy Birthday...this post adds more power to my assertion that everyone should be allowed to take their birthday off work BY LAW. Vote for me, I'll make it happen!

  3. Sorry things aren't good. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Surely a few (or more) margaritas will help perk things up!

  4. Oh dear, how unfair. Sulk.

    Mind you, I'd give A LOT to be a mere 41. An awful lot.

    Still, on your birthday and all.

    Have fun on the bouncy castle, though!

  5. I can't even remember being 41! but my observation is that the older you get the crappier your birthday tends to be. I suggest a visit to isabelle's for a large dose of high-energy anti-aging cake.

  6. Oh Loth, sorry you are having a crappy time!

    Belated birthday greetings, may 41 be a lot more fun than you expect! (I turned 41 v quietly a few weeks ago, my blog still claims I'm 40 ;-) )

    Here's to better times!

  7. That does sound like a rubbish week. Meh indeed Hope things improve, and soon.

    The bouncy castle/margaritas combo sounds a bit stomach-churning to me, but perhaps you're not meant to do both at once. Or in rapid succession.