Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Okay, deep breath

I am very annoyed with myself. I have given myself some very severe tickings off but myself is just shrugging her shoulders and eating another Abernethy biscuit. Myself is, if truth be told, a bit wayward at the moment. People are looking at me rather oddly in the street as I mutter to myself. They looked at me even more oddly in the gym on Sunday when I was swearing at myself under my breath as I lumbered along on the dreadmill.

The reason for this slightly schizophrenic irritation? In May of this year I was fit enough to run the Great Edinburgh Run. 6 miles through the slightly odorific streets of Edinburgh and whilst I did not run all the way, I did finish on my own 2 feet rather than in the back of an ambulance. I was also a couple of dress sizes smaller than I am now. Bah. I have not run properly since then and the combination of no exercise and that whole pesky depression malarkey means that in terms of fitness and diet, the summer has been a spectacular wipeout. (Don't get me wrong, the poutine and ice cream in Canada were wonderful, just not very good for me.)

I have tried in a rather pathetically half-hearted way to get back into the swing of things over the past couple of weeks and have failed. So I have reverted to the only sure fire method I know: the threat of public humiliation.

I have signed up for the Great Winter Run.

For those of you not from Edinburgh (or from Edinburgh and sensible enough not to do this kind of stuff) this is a 5k (3 mile in old money) run round Arthur's Seat in the dead of winter. Arthur's Seat is a big extinct volcano type thing in the middle of Edinburgh. In other words, a hill. The run is on 10 January 2009 and last year, when Second Born ran the junior version, it was so cold the lochs had frozen over and the swans were skiting about on the ice. So I have voluntarily signed up, and paid good money, for the privilege of getting out of bed early on a winter's morning in Edinburgh and running up a hill and down again like a sad, saggy, middle-aged Duke of York. Without the ten thousand men.

I am now trying to bully various work colleagues into doing it too. "Come on! It'll be fun! They've got paramedics on site, what's the worst that could happen?!" I think my sales technique could do with some polishing.

On the plus side, the looming threat of doing this in public will definitely get me out running again. Probably.


  1. Oh my goodness! Just thinking about running around Arthur's Seat in winter takes my breath away. Brrrr. Instead of inspiring me to go out running, you have just put me in the mood for an Abernethy!! My nana used to give us those when we were little and used to spread butter on them! OMG - how terrible is that?!

  2. Oh yum, Abernethies, haven't seen them for ages! Thanks - that's on my shopping list now ;-)

    When is this Great Winter Run? It could be just the thing I need to get back into it too ... Although I've never done a proper race like you've done.

    Carrots as motivation don't work for me. It's got to be the stick all the way, so I completely appreciate your public humiliation thing! Anyway, I hate carrots. They're orange.

  3. Ho hum. Just found the link to the Great Winter Beasting, sorry Run.

    Hmmmmmmmm ... How desperate am I to try and regain some semblance of shape?

    Pretty desperate I'd say!

  4. I did it in (gulp) 2006, and it was actually good fun. We had quite a nice day for it, which helped.

    J ran with me. Or rather I ran and he ambled at the same speed, complaining that he was a bit cold. The boy's legs are a good bit longer than mine are.

  5. Okay. First, stop being so mean to yourself! Really! You would never talk to your friend as hard as you are talking to yourself.
    Then sit down and start journaling what you eat. And count the calories. There may not be a Weight Watchers in your area, but if you think about what you are eating, and measuring out the portions then that will make a difference. You can do the run, and you can lose some weight!
    And if you need some encouragement, write me!

  6. Wow! Go you! I'm sure a winters morning in Edinburgh will be beautiful. Sadly I can't run, I hate it and it hates me.

    I reckon you deserve thouse Abernethy biscuits with all the training you'll be doing!

    PS - But will you be doing it in your white court shoes :-)

    CP x

  7. ROUND Arthur's Seat? Seriously?

    A braver woman than I.

  8. Sounds like some good old fashioned chuntering going in the streets of Edinburgh. If you could possibly work it up towards bouts of Monobation and then leak it to the local press I would be very appreciative (for example I would make sure that Misery doesn't get written out of future episodes of the BlackLOG). On the plus side, a three mile run in the middle of winter has to be better then freezing your assets off waiting for second born to romp home, tired but with a warm glow (or was that just the Ready Brek kicking in.....)

  9. Actually the "paid good money" would get me going, far more than potential public humiliation! Good luck either way.

    I've been doing a lot of that talk to my self about not eating it, and then eating it anyway stuff lately too. I've gotten better in the last two days by reminding myself of why I wanted to lose in the first place.

  10. As long as you’re enjoying yourself??? ‘Cuz if you’re not, do something else. The most sensible book I ever read about staying in shape was “French Women Don’t Get Fat”. It’s a little silly in places, but mostly it’s very sensible. Me, I love to run most of the time, but I get months where I don’t feel like it, so I don’t. I don’t think anything that you hate doing or have to force yourself to do, can be very good for you. BUT, if you’re aiming to run this race, then I’ll be rooting for you. (When were you in Canada? And where were you?)

  11. Totally feel where you are coming from. I started the summer out so well, walking every day. Now I am lucky if I get out there once a week. I am in soooo much trouble this winter.

  12. I'm duly impressed.
    BTW, just stick a headset in your ear the next time you want to mutter to yourself. Everyone will just think you're on the phone!

  13. I am feeling the pain. It's so hard to get back into the swing of things and this pesky weather isn't helping!

    I think you've done the right thing signing up for the run though. I'm tempted to join you.

    C'mon missy - you could make a few small changes and feel a big difference.

  14. I've nominated you for an 'I Love Your Blog' award, see my blog post for details!

  15. "Come on! It'll be fun! They've got paramedics on site, what's the worst that could happen?!"

    Yeah, that will totally get me wanting to go! now if it was hot guys and margaritas I would be all over that!