Monday, 13 April 2009

Hey! I've got green fingers! No, wait, that's dirt...

Well we all survived the lurgy - Husband in fact got off relatively lightly and FB seems to have either escaped entirely or had it so slightly that no-one noticed.

Friday was SB's 9th birthday and he had, by his own declaration, the best birthday ever. The gift that elicited this statement was not the iPod or the electric guitar or the Red Dward videos or the Top Gear annual, but the jar of hair gel. SB is (a) fashion conscious and (b) easily pleased in some ways.

Given the choice of whatever he wanted for dinner, SB chose a sausage supper from our local chippy, for we are nothing if not classy. So he accompanied me down to the chip shop wearing his leather jacket, iPod earphones plugged in and the front of his hair gelled into suitably cool spikes. The ladies in the chip shop wanted to adopt him. SB ignored the adulation and slumped against the wall in the corner, looking cool.

And the rest of the weekend has been just as nice. Lots of lazing around, walks up to the park and eating. I made SB the traditional vegan chocolate fudge birthday cake (so his brother can eat it too) and I am embarassed to say we have nearly eaten the whole thing already.

On Sunday, SB got a couple of sizeable Easter eggs and FB scored several bags of Thorntons dark chocolate covered marzipan which is not only delicious (I do love good marzipan and he appears to have inherited my weakness) but it is also dairy free! It is such a bonus to be able to buy FB chocolate that he can eat, which is actually tasty and doesn't cost the earth.

We had roast lamb with garlic and rosemary for dinner - accompanied by roast potatoes and yorkshire pudding which is not what you would call traditional but we like it and there is no better means of conveying lots of gravy into one's mouth that a yorkshire pud. So there.

Today (Easter Monday) I finally bit the bullet and cut the grass in the front garden (not the back though - no-one can see that so I don't care about it so much!) Not only that, I weeded the little flower bed in the front, planted SB's sunflower seedling for him and the primrose that FB got at the garden centre last week. What's more, I tidied up my herb garden, pulled out as much of the mint as I could and replanted it in a big pot. The sage plant that had originally been in the pot I transplanted to the herb garden proper alongside the new parsley, the very old and rangy lemon thyme plant and the chives that I grew. FROM SEED! You are impressed, aren't you? I can tell. Exhaused with all that gardening, I am now sitting here reading blogs and trying to figure out if I can pinch some of FB's marzipan without him noticing. I hope you all had a good Easter too.


  1. We did.

    I salute SB's approach to life - I think it's a very good thing to be easily pleased, and something that should be cultivated more. It's all very well having high standards but it means you spend a lot of the time annoyed or dissatisfied.

    Definitely impressed by the herbs. I have a herb "garden" in a highly classy B&Q plastic bucket, which is also aimed at keeping the mint in check. We have to grow parsley in industrial quantities for bribing the guinea pigs with.

  2. I've got to decide what veggies to have in the garden this year and then buy flats of them. I'm just not into starting seeds.
    Then we shall see how green my thumb is!

  3. Happy Easter to you as well! Sounds like you had a busy one -- makes me tired just reading about all your work. You should post a pic for those of us that have no idea what a house with a garden in Scotland looks like. :)

  4. Ha, SB does indeed sound like a cool dude! I don't suppose it'll be long till the ladies stop wanting to adopt him, cos their daughters want to go out with him ;-)