Thursday, 14 May 2009

There's a lost civilisation in there somewhere

I re-read that last post and it occurred to me that all you loyal readers out there might think I occasionally exaggerate for comic effect. Shame on you if you are nodding right now. How could you harbour such unjustified suspicions? In fact, I nearly always exaggerate for comic effect. My life is not nearly as interesting as I make out, and given that my posts revolve around such excitement as hoovering under my furniture, you can imagine how scintillating the real version is.

However, when it comes to the wilderness that is my garden, I promise I have been nothing but truthful. You really could mislay a household pet or two in our grass. Look. This is our back garden yesterday. (You can click to enlarge for the full glorious effect) On the left by the wall, you can see where the trellis that was there when we moved in has fallen down under the weight of that ivy stuff. What is that? The little purple flowers are quite cute but it is slowly choking the life out of everything and it is spreading across the garden. If the lawn doesn't get the cat, the ivy might.

Ah, now this is our front garden. The grass here has actually been cut this year already although you could be forgiven for being a tad sceptical about that claim. I tend to cut this more often because, being the front garden, people, and specifically our neighbours, can see it. The motivating influence of pure shame cannot be overestimated.

Which is why I finally got round to cutting it, front and back, yesterday after I took these snaps for posterity. While I was down on my hands and knees with the camera, I noticed a whole load of these little blue flowers had suddenly appeared out of nowhere: Given that they have materialised on their own, I am presuming they are some sort of madly invasive weed that will take over our entire house by the weekend. Can anyone out there identify them? Just so I know what to call the plant monster as it devours our car.


  1. Everything looks so green and lush! Our lawns are just getting going. Don't know what the blue flower is but it is sweet:)

  2. Speedwell, I'd think. And yes, you've got it for keeps now unless you pour some selective weedkiller on to your lawn (to kill the weeds, not the grass). But I don't think it's likely to catch you by the ankles any time in the next year or two, providing that you cut the grass every week like all self-respecting Edinburgh ladies...

  3. You could always sew wild flower seeds and pretend it is a wildlife meadow and pretend it is meant to be like that.

  4. The purple invasive stuff is Vinca Majora - common periwinkle. It will take over in time if not butchered every so often. I'm with the coffee lady - frankly if I put weed killer on my "lawn" I'd have nothing left!

  5. wow!!!! was jealous.
    especially 'cause I live in a city which is a
    concrete jungle.When we need to see green, we get into a car and drive to the nearest park