Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A-a-a-a-nd they're out!

Harumble! The cats are "going" outside. I don't know where, exactly, and don't really care. I no longer have to deal with the litter tray and a slightly crunchy kitchen floor. I am content.

The cats have however learned a few new tricks. In particular, they have discovered how warm it is up on top of our fridge. We have one of those disgustingly indulgent American-style plumbed-into-the-mains-so-it-dispenses-ice-and-water-like-we-don't-have-TAPS-that-do-that fridges (which I love to distraction. It is huge, and I don't have to load our weekly shop into it with a crowbar like I did with our old fridge. When you have a dairy allergic son you have a minimum of two different kinds of milk, spread, cheese, yogurt etc, so a big fridge really helps.) Anyway, the cats have discovered they can climb up there via the washing machine and lurk. Scared the bejasus out of me the other night when I went in to top up my glass of water, didn't bother switching on the light (the water dispenser bit has a light of its own doncha know) and Zyra decided to swipe at my head in the dark. That got the old blood pressure dancing a bit.

I was also greeted the other morning by the two boys who had been down for breakfast while I came to in the shower. They breathlessly announced that Zyra was clearly missing her litter tray and had pooped on the dining table (not sure how they ascertained that it was the work of Zyra rather than Bellus. Some questions are better not asked.) "But we cleaned it up with kitchen roll and Febreze" they assured me.

"Are you sure it was poo?" I asked. "Cats, if they are going to do that, normally pick a secluded corner, not in full view on top of the dining table."

"We're sure. We checked. It smelled like poo."

I was skeptical and checked the kitchen bin when I went down. It was a fragment of steak pie from the boys' dinner the night before. So now I know (1) the boys are not being particularly scrupulous when they wipe the table down after they have eaten, and (2) I serve them steak pie that smells like poo.

Good to know.


  1. Ohhhh how disgusting, poo on the kitchen table ..! But then again, pets and boys ... How could it be any different? Am laughing hysterically at this one!

    LOVE the fridge. Can we have a photo of the fridge please? So we can all suffer properly from fridge envy? :-D

  2. Oh dear, chortling quietly at meals that are mistaken for cat pooh.

  3. aw, how sweet of your boys to clean it up! I mean, febreeze doesn't disinfect but they really tried!

  4. See? And you think vegetarians are crazy for not wanting to eat rancid, smelly dead animals! Ha!

  5. Think of the endless marketing possibilities for steak pie that smells like poo.....I can't think of one right now, but you just *know* that they are legion.

  6. I'm so impressed that the boys clean up after their dinner. Even if not very successfully. What a household!

    (Presumably the cats didn't fancy the leftover pie? I wonder why...)

  7. You have sweet boys! Be thankful!! :-)

  8. We have the same fridge... heh heh