Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Well thank you for that help with the tree identification. Especially you, Katney. Don't know what I would do without you. No, really.

In other exciting news, some new energy saving lights have been fitted in the quasi-government-y office where I work. They turn themselves off when no-one is around and then turn on when they sense your presence. My office is at the end of a long, long corridor full of said lights, so every morning as I walk down there the lights gradually turn on as I pass them. My question is this: is it okay that I hum myself a little fanfare crescendo as the lights come on? Or is that a bit sad?


  1. Not sad at all. I do it myself!

  2. Hum a fanfare? Hell, I'd sing it. Loud and proud.

    When I was live-blogging the royal wedding, every time I heard "God Save the Queen," I wondered if Her Majesty always thinks "God Save Me."

  3. These days, I whistle as I roam the deserted corridors towards my office. As much as I'm not looking forward to moving to the cube farm, I will be glad of the human company. Being the only person (until Natalie shows up at 9:30) in this wing of the fourth floor is very creepy.

  4. Do you have the problem that people where I work have - that after 7pm if you're working quietly at your desk the lights all turn off? And every 2 hours you have to get up and walk around the office to avoid a black out? Also, I've heard complaints from people who've been sitting on the toilet in the evening and have the lights go out - much harder to get up and walk around in that context, and much darker with the lights out!

  5. Where I volunteer the building creaks and there are sounds when I am in the office alone. It probably does the same when it is full of kids, but I don't hear them.

    The school where I last taught was haunted by Sister Sabina, one of the nuns from years ago. It was not a place where I wanted to be late at night.

    So, no experience with the lights that go on and off by themselves and are supposed to--except our new car turns off its headlights if I don't--and that is a very good thing.

    So glad to have helped about the trees. We all must do what we can. ;-}

  6. I think you should sing at the pitch of your lungs.