Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I need more recipe ideas

The first summer of vegetable-growing at the Corbies has been pretty good, all things considered. Okay, we have no cauliflowers because the rabbits ate them all. Ditto pretty much all of the peas. But the courgettes have been lovely, carrots delicious and potatoes prolific and tasty. However, what I really need is a recipe for braised sunflower.
This, as you may recall, is the mystery plant that showed up uninvited and unannounced in our veggie patch. We decided to let it be, see what it grew into and it turned into The Sunflower That Took Over the World. It is by far the biggest success story of the summer (the moral of the story apparently being "The less we do to plants, the more they thrive". I must confess I am encouraged by this.) Now if only we could figure out how to eat it.


  1. Well, you can eat the seeds. Not so sure about the rest of the plant. My dad once ate daffodil bulbs by mistake. It was not a good idea. (My mum thought they were onions and cooked them with mince.)

  2. That's a lovely sunflower. I imagine braised sunflower would have a fair bit of fibre in it. :-) My friend Lori lost all her cauliflower and broccoli to wildlife this summer too. But in her case it was a black bear.