Monday, 14 November 2011

What I did on my holidays

I have received a perfectly polite and well-mannered, but nonetheless firm, slap on the wrist from Isabelle for not posting. And she is quite correct (she used to teach, you know. She is always correct.) As I said to her in my mumbled apology, the muse has been somewhat absent of late but that is no excuse for spending far too much time on Facebook and not enough time churning out deathless prose. Or something like that. Tonight I find myself alone in the living room (oh the luxury!) as Husband is pottering in his music room, First Born has gone to bed nursing a cough (which could well be The Typhus, such is his air of resigned suffering) and Second Born is doing some work on his recent maths challenge problems. I do not understand the questions in said challenge, so am of limited use in providing any solutions. I therefore have no excuse not to sit down and blog. And here I am.

I seem to remember having promised you an update on the doings of Clan Loth over the past few weeks and, given the passage of time, this will have to be in the form of bullet points.
  • We spent the half term holiday at the Corbies. And it was great fun. We went to Holy Island for the day and went to York on a different day (and should have been awarded some sort of Museum Endurance Medal for managing to cram the National Railway Museum, York Minster and two Jorvik exhibitions into one day)
  • With the aid of Sister-in-law we systematically stripped the surrounding countryside of elderberries. We collected bags and bags and bags of them. Fortunately the weather was kind and we were able to sit outside for the fiddly task of getting the wee berries off the twigs and into bowls (the easiest way is to use a fork and sort of tease them off) Doing this outside is advisable as the berries are small, round and prone to escaping. And when squished, they release deep red juice which is very difficult to shift once it has stained its surroundings. The family production line resulted in a bumper crop of berries which I then spent some hours converting into this.
  • Second Born went to school dressed as Winston Churchill - their year was having a VE day celebration as part of their topic of The Home Front in WWII. I wish I had a photo of that for you, but sadly I don't.
  • Last weekend we were back down at the Corbies, this time with my mum and dad in tow. We had a wonderfully laid back Saturday, including a wander around the town of Eyemouth (FB was delighted: there is a good ice-cream shop there). We climbed up onto the Coastal Path from where the views were lovely in the unseasonal sunshine
  • We ended up walking around the little harbour where this little pub is located - the name just tickled me for some reason.
  • And we also spotted this on one of the fishing boats in the harbour: Makes one wonder how they might spell "fish"!
And now I must go and load the dishwasher and make sure all the lunches are ready for tomorrow before I head off to bed.


  1. Ooh, aah! I like to be obeyed and it so seldom happens now I'm retired. Excellent, and I'm impressed by a) the beautifully cut grass at The Corbies and b) your domestic goddessness re the elderflower goodies.

    Now, let's try another order: how about coming and cleaning my windows? Only the insides; I have a window cleaner for the outsides. And we've established that you're a domestic goddess.

    Phish, presumably.

  2. Lovely photos. Is that sunshine? In Scotland (northern England?)? In November?
    That grass is amazing - I have frozen brown weeds, myself.
    Glad to see a post from you! Remain inspired, even if in bullet form. (I, too, am a former teacher).

  3. We retired teachers will have to gang up on you if this should happen again. So happy to see some domestic goddessness and familial berrying.

  4. Wow! Amazing photos you got there, every individual should really enjoy once in a while. Live healthy, eat healthy, live longer! :)