Monday, 5 December 2011

Back to normal. Ish.

Things are slowly returning to normal here at Schloss Loth. Last week was a bit weird, what with Husband's sudden and unexpected flirtation with the NHS in all its forms and Second Born being away from home all week on a school trip to London. SB is home again and seems to have had a great time. So good that it was minutes, MINUTES after getting off the bus before he started bickering with FB.

Given the itinerary for the trip, I am surprised SB didn't sleep round the clock on his return. The group left by train on Monday morning and were back in Edinburgh by 4pm on Friday. In between they managed to cover the Science Museum, a tour of London by World War II amphibious landing vehicle (it drives on the streets and then drives into the Thames), the Tower of London, backstage at The Globe Theatre, the Tate Modern, Houses of Parliament, Imperial War Museum, a trip on the London Eye and Madame Tussaud's. Oh, and a visit to the West End production of "The Wizard of Oz". I kind of wish I had been allowed to go too, to be honest.

The weekend was spent lazing around and recharging various batteries. Second Born did manage to disconnect himself from the XBox and laptop long enough to make soup for us all. Carrot and coriander, and very nice it was too. He even borrowed my favourite pinny for the occasion. Here he is in all his chef-y glory.
I like to wear that pinny while drinking tea from my Tim Horton's mug, for I am strange that way.

And now it is Monday. Husband is back at work, both children are back at school and the cat is still a bit confused by finding all the humans back interfering with his choice of snoozing spot. So no change there.


  1. The lad appears to have a piece of buttered toast on his face.

    Glad that Mr Loth is (presumably) restored to health.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Isabelle. I imagine it's a piece of cold-buttered toast at that.

    Sorry I've been absent so long, I've just finished catching up on all your bloggy doings. Sorry the hubs was sick, glad he's mending. Happy Hogmany!

  3. What a cute boy of yours! I could use some of that soup right about now..