Monday, 25 February 2008

Okay, Life, enough. I get the point

Just to make sure that my smug cheerfulness has been well and truly ground out of me, the weekend finished with the news that our office had been broken into. Fortunately very little damage was done and nothing really serious was taken, like our data files or anything. But they did take what little cash they could find together with what portable items of value were available. Like all the cameras and mobile phones in the building. Oh, and all the laptops, including mine, which would normally be at home with me over the weekend, but wasn't because I had to take the kids to the dentist on Friday so left it in the office rather than cart it to the dental surgery. And one of my colleagues lost her laptop because she was on holiday on Friday and Monday and felt it would be better to leave it in the office. Hah! I get to tell her the good news tomorrow.

My old mobile phone, on the other hand, was deemed unworthy of theft (slightly offended by that, actually) and even more embarassing, my room was a bit tidier after the housebreakers left than it was when I left it on Friday. I had come in from court and chucked my folders and my case of papers into the middle of my floor. The intruders had checked the case for anything valuable, found nothing and tucked it away neatly in the corner. Should I be ashamed of this, do you think?

Luckily there is next to nothing in the way of work-related stuff actually on my laptop itself (we work on a network in the office) but I have spent a slightly irritated day making notes to myself of all the websites I need to go onto to change passwords just in case (Amazon, Paypal, Ebay, I spend too much time online???) And now I have to go off and figure out whether I can get the music off my iPod and onto iTunes rather than the other way round. Or I have to start from scratch ripping all my CDs again. Oh joy.

On the plus side, thank you for all the kind offers to look after my angelic children for me! The fact that they all came from the other side of the Atlantic in no way detracts from the level of kindness displayed but does make it a tad unlikely I will be taking you up on them! (However, be very afraid if your phone rings in July - we'll be in Canada then!!)


  1. What a drag! So sorry about the break-in. Do these criminals realize the type of office they burglarized?

  2. How violated you must feel! I wonder what motivated thugs to break into your particular office? I'm no ipod guru, but I do believe you can just download your music to your computer from your ipod. It's just a reverse process if I'm not mistaken. My son gave me an ipod for Christmas and it's pretty easy to operate.

  3. You can't download the music from your pod to your computer but (ahem) if you stick 'Copypod' into Google, it'll come up with a programme you can download that'll let you do just that. Apparently. Not that I'd advocate it. Esp not to a lawyer. Ahem.

  4. Sorry to hear about the break in. What a pain. Does this mean you get a new laptop???

  5. Oh dear, poor Loth.

    Your parents look after your children and do their laundry???? Do you think if I asked nicely they'd do my laundry too?

  6. ... Actually, there was probably the odd "ken" in the girl in my post's remark. And it's likely to have been even more Edinburgh. Such as, "Ken, ah cannae dae mair'n yin essay, so ah'm waitin' tae dae the yin ah kin dae, ken." But I thought this transliteration might be a bit bewildering.

    Sorry to any non-Scot who reads this.