Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Wii debrief

In the end we went for nice meal out on Monday evening (brie in filo pastry followed by medium rare steak, mmmmm) and then went home with the Wii. We needed to set it all up, get its internet connection sorted (and by we, I mean my husband of course because it started asking for SSID and MTU and other weird stuff and I went and made a cup of tea because that is the most useful thing I could do in the circumstances)

So we got it going and fired up the tennis game. Oh my goodness, what a laugh! Two grown lawyers in their living room at 11.30pm playing virtual tennis, waving their arms around like loons and laughing fit to burst. The boxing was just as fun - yells of "Stand still while I punch you!" as we threatened to knock the ornaments off the mantelpiece in our enthusiasm. We eventually packed it away at about 12.30 and went to bed. And so far we have resisted the temptation to unpack it again, just for a wee shot. So far.

And on the exercise front, I went for a run at the gym today but I am not happy about it as I just don't have time at lunchtimes to get a longer run in, and if I don't start doing longer runs, how on earth am I supposed to prepare to run for 6 miles around Edinburgh? In public, at that. I need to get into a running routine again, going out in the mornings, like I did last year. Someone make me do what I know darn well I ought to be doing, will you? Moan.


  1. I absolutely don't get the 'spring up first thing in the morning and joyously bound outside' thing, I really don't. Would running at the end of your day work out better for you?

  2. Can't he (your husband) just push you out of bed. Hopefully once you hit the floor you might as well go off for a run. You seemed to need this back in Nov (just to show that I have been reading for a while)

  3. Well, ok then. Get up, you lazy person!

    Is that ok?

    I can't imagine going out for a meal mid-week. When I hear things like that, I suddenly realise that not everyone spends their evenings marking and otherwise panicking about what they're going to teach the next day.

    On the other hand, we do have good holidays. I know.

  4. I know how you feel...that's the great advantage of getting up when I do to go to work. At 3:30 am there just isn't any other way for me to get to work apart from running there! Hence I get my daily exercise, guaranteed!