Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Showing my age. Again.

I was in court again today for what is hopefully my last appearance on my feet in a gown in front of a sheriff. Can I have a "Woo hoo!"? Thank you. Anyway, I was wandering up South Bridge in Edinburgh at about 9.30am, only half aware of my surroundings as I thought about the case I had to deal with. (As an aside, those of you who know Edinburgh and know South Bridge will also know that not being fully aware of your surroundings as you walk up there is a positive advantage, not least because that way you don't have to look at the tartan tat shops and there's a good chance you won't make eye contact with the "therapists" outside the Dianetics and Scientology office.)

As I was meandering court-wards, I saw ahead of me a long and pretty dense queue of people on the pavement. Almost exclusively male people. Most of whom seemed to be.........not in their teens. And a lot of them were wearing high-vis jackets, hoodies and standard "workie" type attire.

My first thought was that there was some sort of employment exchange on South Bridge that I did not know about. What with the credit crunch more or less killing the building industry, it looked to me for all the world like a queue of workmen, lining up in the hope of employment. Or maybe the workies from the nearby building site where part of the Cowgate collapsed were all required to queue up for......breakfast? Instructions? I don't know.

Anyway as I edged past the grim-faced line, I realised my mistake. They were all queuing outside Ripping Records. AC/DC tickets went on sale this morning. Mystery solved.


  1. Haven't they finished rebuilding that Cowgate site yet? Sheesh. It's been a few years now...

    Congrats on your (potentially) last day in court... I have to admit, I got a kick out of seeing lawyers and/or clients walking up and down the great hall talking so as to maintain confidentiality of their conversations... we don't do it that way in the states.

  2. Woo-hoo on your hopefully last court appearance!!

  3. I heard they were going on sale this morning, but they're playing Hampden, and I'm far too grumpy to put up with the pitfalls of a Stadium gig at my age.

  4. Ripping Records. Oh the memories. Before the super interweb communication highway, that was where everyone bought their tickets. They used to run buses to gigs in Glasgow as well. Viva la 80's and 90's.

  5. Woo hoo!

    I am fairly often to be seen on South Bridge in a high-vis jacket myself. Though not in the queue for AC/DC.

    Still, I hope they all got their tickets and cheered up.

  6. Woo hoo from me too.

    I'm so old I barely understood your story. Ripping Records? AC/DC? A shop? A band?

  7. Oh damn! I'd have been in that queue for AC/DC tickets if I'd kept my eye on the ball. Their latest album is amazing!

    It must have been very odd for you, that being your last Court appearance. (Well. Unless you transgress in the future and you're on the other side, of course.) Good for you though!

    I like your description of South Bridge. God but it's shitty, isn't it?