Saturday, 7 February 2009

More randomness....randomosity.......stuff

"Ah good!" I hear you all cry. "Loth has been rummaging around in the bloggy equivalent of her scraps basket and has found another post she wrote eons ago and forgot about!" Yes, dear readers. Yes I have. What does it say about my brain that I write this stuff and then completely erase it from my mind? It was obviously such a wonderful piece of prose that I was overcome with the emotion of producing it and went off to have a lie down instead of hitting "publish". Or something. Specific apologies (rather than the general type which to out to all of you for having to put up with this tosh) go to Mummy Dearest who tagged me for this almost a year ago. *Hangs head in shame*

I was tagged for this by Mummy Dearest who kindly thought I might appreciate a hand out of the Slough of Non-blogging-ness. As indeed I do. Basically she is looking for 15 things: Facts, Goals and Random. Here goes.

1. Fact - I used to be pretty fluent in both French and German. Now I am not. This is a great waste which I regret, hugely. We used to get French and German TV on cable and watching "Star Trek" dubbed into German was great fun.

2. Goal - Dull boring one, I want to lose the bit enormous amount of weight I gained back over the last year or so and then some more. No less worthy for being dull though.

3. Random - my cat doesn't meow. She squeaks. We think she thinks that's how people talk and she is trying to humour us.

4. Fact - I spent some time in Saudi Arabia when I was growing up. Glad I got the chance to see the place, never really want to see it again.

5. Goal - I want to go up in a hot air balloon one day. I am not great with unsecured heights, by which I mean I am fine on top of the CN tower where I know I can't fall off but you won't catch me standing anywhere near the edge of a cliff, so I might freak out just a bit, but I still really want to do it.

6. Random - I cannot stand the sound of someone using sandpaper or a stiff scrubbing brush - they both sound the same to me and the noise sets my teeth on edge. This is not, as my husband may have suspected in the past, a way of getting out of sanding down walls prior to decorating. It just happens to have that unforeseen and fortunate side effect.

7. Fact - I don't like eating meat or poultry off the bone - stuff like chicken drumsticks - it's just too carniverous for me. Don't get me wrong, I like to eat meat. As long as someone else has done the hard work. I am a scruple-free lazy carnivore.

8. Goal - I would like to figure out what I want to do for a living when I grow up. Before I, you know, retire.

9. Random - I have very little sense of smell. I am a bad person to have around if there is a gas leak.

10. Fact - I have the world's worst memory for faces. If I have ever met you in person, the next time I see you, I will probably walk right past you, particularly if I meet you out of context. At best, I will know that I know you from somewhere but will be unable to recall where. You could easily be a former client, a relative, someone who once served me in a sandwich shop or a bit part actor in Eastenders. Well that last one is a lie, actually, as I don't watch Eastenders.

11. Goal - to improve my memory (see 10)

12. Random - I hate anyone touching my feet. Seriously, want to torture me? Book me a pedicure.

13. Fact - I spent 5 years at secondary school never going to the toilet (at least during school hours). For anyone who was a "snob" (ie good at schoolwork) the toilets were dangerous places to go, so I learned not to go. Sixth year was ok - prefects had their own toilet and EVERYONE in sixth year was a prefect - not many of us made it that far!

14. Goal - I want to see my children grown up, happy and settled. Or if they are not settled, for that to be their choice (eg they are exploring the depths of the Amazon rainforest. Or space. Or engaged in world lecture tours after accepting their Nobel Prizes.)

15. Random - I wish I could learn to be less neurotic socially. I always fret and worry when in company that I am boring the pants off the people I am with. I am pathetically poor at social interaction - if I attend a function where people are circulating and chatting (as I sometimes have to for work), I nearly always end up clutching a drink as if it were a lifebelt, hovering on the fringes, too scared to join in a conversation. Like I said, pathetic really.

Well, having got that off my chest I tag anyone who is in need of blog fodder. Go to it.


  1. ha! I particularly liked no. 13 - I did exactly the same. Even now, I hate going to the loo which is right next to my boss's office. Both my colleague & me are frequently found scouring our boss's diary to schedule our wees around his appointments!! Mad or what?!

  2. 3. Snap, we have 2 cats, one that gives a good, proper, loud, cartoon style Meow, and the other one that gives a pathetic mouse-like squeek.

    5. Snap. Been up Blackpool tower no problem, even stood on the glass floor. But put me up a high ladder in a bit of a breeze and my knees are trembling. Even watching someone else do it makes my palms sweat.

  3. I always wondered how little sense of smell affects your taste buds? Can you really appreciate delicate flavours without being able to smell them or does food just taste bland to you and you go more by texture when you eat?

  4. Hmmmmm. You'd know me. I'm the lady that walks around with a wire-haired dachshund literally attached at the hip! It would be hard to forget that!

  5. I'm terrible at remembering people's names/faces! I've tried that trick of repeating the name when someone introduces themselves, but it just flies out of my head right after I say it.
    I'm very outgoing with people I know, but I tend to be a wallflower, too, in social situations.

  6. Oh feet, yes. And head. Hate getting my hair cut.

    Ok, the five questions you requested. The big leather sofa in the tv studio is waiting for you.

    1.Why did you never think you would have a husband, sons and a cat? I’ve met you and you’re lovely! I would have predicted that you’d have all those sorts of things.

    2.How similar in personality are your boys to each other? Give details.

    3.What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

    4.You write very amusingly. Tell us about a book/film/tv programme/etc that you yourself find funny.

    5.You’ve been marooned on a desert island by a pirate but fortunately he’s allowed you to choose one (non-useful) luxury. What is it?