Thursday, 18 June 2009

We have a winner!

Yup, trust Jaggy to know what goes into a macaroon bar: mashed potato. Cold, mashed potato mixed with a shedload of icing sugar. It shouldn't work, and yet it does. As evidenced by the lack of macaroon bars left in my house.

An honourable mention goes to Daysgoby for suggesting condensed milk because, as she quite rightly notes, you tend to find that in all really sweet things (and therefore by definition, in lots of things my Husband likes). And a sympathetic pat on the shoulder and an offer of a nice sit down goes to XUP whose outrage was almost palpable. Sorry for upsetting you so much, XUP, but you made the cardinal mistake of confusing macaroons (nice, coconut-y, melty biscuits) with macaroon bars which, as you now know, are solid bars of sugar-laced mashed tattie.

Actually, reading that back, you shouldn't be surprised that the Scots have invented a dish that combines potatoes and sugar - it was only a matter of time, really. (And on that front, and in retaliation, what the hell is North America doing putting marshmallows on top of potatoes at Thanksgiving? How is that worse than macaroon bars??? I rest my case.)

Anyway, Jaggy wins the Scottish Smartass of the Month award. Not, I suspect, for the first (or last) time.

PS: It has also just occurred to me that since potatoes are vegetables, a macaroon bar can totally count as one of your five a day! In Scotland at least. Score!


  1. Mashed potato? Who'd a thought!

  2. No way! Mashed potato? I can't decide if that's enough to put me off them for life. Do I love coconut and sugar more than the thought of cold mashed potato?

    Hmmmm. I suspect yes.

  3. whaaaaat???

    is it just regular mashed potato with butter & milk? that's so odd.

    I mean, I'm guessing MY mashed potatoes wouldn't do it since I add garlic and chives but...


  4. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I knew I didn't want to know. That's so wrong. I'm going to pretend you're lying and continue to eat them anyway.

  5. mmmmmm, mashed potato, and a box and a half of icing sugar. And chocolate, mmmmmmmm.

    Whaddaye know, Scottish Smart Arse of the Month award, I'll need to see if I can carry it over to July. What's your next quiz?

  6. Nothing surprises me anymore. Especially about Scottish cuisine. (See how I restrained myself and didn't put quotes around the word cuisine? Points for me!) Boy, the next thing you know, you guys'll be doing something *really* crazy like slapping some sausage meat on a hard-boiled egg and deep frying it.

  7. Sweet potatoes aren't really potatoes and I'm not responsible for what Americans do. I don't know any Canadians who do that. We put maple syrup on our sweet potatoes. But we also don't pretend it's dessert - just a side dish to offset the savoury turkey, stuffing & gravy and tart cranberries and creamy mashed potatoes.