Sunday, 28 June 2009

Very close...

Some interesting guesses there, folks. I think I have to award the honour of being closest to XUP who thought it was a cannon cake. Whilst it is in fact papier mache and therefore inedible (unless you are four) it is indeed a cannon. Mons Meg to be precise. If you grew up anywhere near Edinburgh you will have at some point been on a visit to Edinburgh Castle and you will, almost certainly, have stuck your head in Meg. It is almost compulsory. Second Born recently participated in this age-old ritual and then along with the rest of his class, made a model of Meg which he gifted to Husband.

What the photograph fails to adequately capture is can I put this?......."Ann Summers S&M Catalogue" quality of the model. From certain angles, it is really quite disturbing. Husband and I tried very hard not to catch each other's eye when SB was handing it over. It is now sitting in pride of place on top of the radio in our bedroom where I'm kind of hoping it freaks out the window cleaner next time he comes round. I can't imagine what 25 of the things looked like all drying in rows together in SB's classroom at school. His teacher deserves a medal.

Today has been uneventful, full of laundry (who knew we had so many clothes?) and trying to find sandals for FB. He appears to now be too big for children's shops to stock his size but too small for adult ranges. Where exactly do I go to find sandals for an eleven year old in size 5? I am hoping the answer to that is Canada given that we leave tomorrow.

XUP was also kind enough to try to cajole me into dumping my family and jumping on a flight to Ottawa to stay with her and Alison (I am not sure if she asked Alison first if this was okay, especially given the well-documented Toast Issues between the three of us). If my children's enthusiastic renditions of AC/DC tracks get too much for me, I will give that definite consideration, okay?


  1. Heh - that sounds hysterical! I think a picture of said model is needed...

  2. I'm sorry I missed the boat on this one, since I looked at it and instantly went "It's Mons Meg". But then it is a mere two decades or so since I was sticking my head in it myself. The model does look very like a cake, though.

    Have a lovely time in Canada. We always have to wash every garment we own before going away, too. I don't know why - I'm sure we could pack adequately from the rest of our clothes.

  3. Mons Meg! Wow! Now I see it ... But I'm also seeing an Ann Summers thing too ;-)

    I like the sound of your children. Any children attempting to render AC/DC tracks are COOL.

  4. I didn't stick my head in Meg! At least I don't remember doing so and I have been to Edinburgh.

    Must add this to list of things to do before I die

  5. If you were to come to Ottawa and stay with XUP or me, I would let your toast get cold before I buttered it. Truly, I would.

  6. Yay! Giving it consideration!! Wooo-hooo! Send me an email at and I'll send my phone number. And also, Woo-hoo, I almost won the prize!!

  7. Hope you're having fun!

    Cold toast - now who could resist such an invitation?