Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Oh yeah, blogging.....

I got a row from Isabelle, for it appears I have not blogged for a while. And I am very biddable and Isabelle is a teacher and I always obey authority figures, so I scrambled ambled to my laptop and here I am. Hi! How are you all?

I see I last blogged on 8th August and I am desparately trying to remember what I have been doing since then. The fact that it is all a bit of a blur might go some way to explaining why I haven't had time to blog about it. So this will be a bit disjointed. Sorry. Off we go then. Things wot I have done recently:
  • Met Isabelle and her lovely daughters and friend to go and see Adelaide from Adelaide at the Fringe. Isabelle has blogged about it already so I won't say much other than that, predictably, Isabelle and I (aka The Neurotically Punctual Sisters) competed to see who would turn up earliest for our agreed rendezvous time (she won but I was a close second). After the show, we went in search of coffee and, being near the High Street, ended up in an establishment which I am afraid to say was called "The Rabbie Burns Cafe". It looked like someone had ordered the "Traditional Olde Worlde Scottish Cafe" kit from QVC and set up business. It was covered in tartan, little brass knick-knacks and the kind of fake antique plaster that makes it look like someone has gone mad with a trowel and some leftover cheesecake. We were undoubtedly the most authentically Scottish things in the place. (I wouldn't mind confirmation that I didn't actually dream all this, Isabelle!) The latte was nice though as was the chat. I think we almost managed to persuade Isabelle's non-bloggy friend that blogging is not a symptom of some sort of latent personality defect (discuss!) and I look forward to reading her first post sometime soon.
  • I took the children to the cinema to eat excruciatingly over-priced popcorn and watch "G-Force" in 3D. A film about computer generated guinea pigs who are trained FBI Special Agents. It was exactly as good as it sounds.
  • My niece and nephew came up from the Lake District to stay last weekend. Four children under 12 for the day was an interesting experience. We went swimming to try to wear them out and then in the evening we filmed them doing improvised sketches involving several James Bonds, aliens, sharks and Indiana Jones. With sound effects. I suspect we could put the resulting video out as a show on the Fringe and get away with it. My 6 year old niece's impression of a man-eating shark was particularly impressive.
  • The boys went off for the last three days to Camp Granny and Grandad, allowing husband and I to hit the town, see shows and go clubbing work late both nights and then fall into bed with no functioning brain cells left. We are party animals, we are.
  • I have spent a lot of time recently individually name-labelling pens and pencils and sharpeners and Pritt sticks and rulers and scissors. I hate back-to-school. And don't get me started on sewing name tapes onto EVERYTHING including socks. I have sewn about three labels each on the boys' blazers which are new and given the amount they cost I am damned if they are going missing.
  • This morning, on the way to work in the car, I was cut up on Queensferry Street in the West End. By a guy on a unicycle. Edinburgh in the Festival. Got to love it.
So, that's what I've been doing. What have you been up to?


  1. Lets see, getting ready for puppies, trying to catch up and bank some sleep before they arrive in about 10 days, and cooking. A lot. I keep waiting for my maid/cook/butler to appear, but so far Hubby is forcing me to live the life of a pauper.
    Ah well, some day my Prince will come! LOL!

  2. Wow, busy time of it Loth! But what on earth do you sew name labels on for? I got some waterproof marker pen and just wrote D's name on the labels of all his kit. It lasted fine through last year :-)

    PS: The Rabbie Burns Cafe sounds hideous. Must check it out if I'm passing!

  3. Busy times:)
    In the future when your kids are griping about you and asking for things, and saying "no fair" etc, etc, remind them that you went to see "G-Force". I saw it advertised and could not imagine how anyone could pitch a movie like that and get it approved! What next?

  4. I know a similar spot in west Ottawa - want to compare plaid curtains and bagpipe music selections? They do good fish and chips though.
    Yeah, the label thing. My daugher uses the neck tag where there is one and a cloth marking pen where there isn't. I sew them on, myself.
    Glad to hear from you.

  5. I must tell my more-Scottish-than-Billy-Connolly sister about that cafe - she'll love it. Seriously.