Saturday, 24 October 2009

Hello! We're back!

Just back today from a week in lovely and only slightly downpour-y Yorkshire. A good time was had by all, details of which I shall post when I can be bothered. In the meantime, a sample of the sort of comment we got from one of our delightful children, overheard as he ran amok around a large adventure playground: "This is just like The Matrix, but really boring!"

I can't tell. Is that good?


  1. Well, I've never seen The Matrix but... I have a feeling it's not quite 100% good. Still, who wants 100% perfection? That in itself would be boring...

    I may be getting a bit confused.

  2. A lot of people who live in cold, rainy, dreary places go somewhere sunny and warm for their vacations. I'm just sayin'...

  3. That reminds me of Leah's verdict on seeing the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's 'The Nutcracker' when she was four. She was all excited because baby Rachel was staying home and it was just her and Mummy all dressed up and going out to see ballet. With real ballerinas! She made it through the first half, and then fell asleep. As we were walking back to the car afterwards, she said, "Well, that was exciting *and* boring!"