Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A quieter weekend

Okay, first things first. Isabelle? Rich lawyer? You've been reading The Scotsman again, haven't you? I would just like to point out that it is my resolutely non-lawyer little brother who is presently staying in the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney (that's Australia, not Cape Breton) with his lovely wife. They were both flown out there first class and are staying a week while my brother's former employers try to tempt him back to work on a project Down Under. Anyone else think I did the wrong degree?

Anyway, just to add to the glamourous, cosmopolitan flavour of this post, would you like to know what the weather was like in Geneva on Sunday? Of course you would. Here you are:

This was taken by Husband and e-mailed to us on Sunday afternoon. He left on Sunday morning at the crack of dawn for the annual domain name-y judgely huddle in Geneva. We sadly couldn't tag along this time as the boys' school holidays don't coincide this year so he decided to let us see what we were missing. Kind of him. I think.

The boys and I spent the day tidying the living room, doing laundry (me) and playing on the Wii (boys). I was only able to make the boys knuckle down in this fashion because I had taken them out on the Saturday to a local country park and let them off the lead for a while. This is Second Born, halfway down his favourite slide. First Born went down once, declared that his heart was about to burst with the adrenalin and didn't go near it agan.

We had a nice afternoon in the park. The boys ran around and shouted a lot, played on (and fell off) the flying fox and we went down to the riverside and explored the tunnels down there.

Second Born insisted he could climb up on top of the tunnel by going through, rather than round, the bushes. Turns out he couldn't.

Husband meantime was enjoying a pre-Geneva "Knob Twiddling Day". In other words, we left him alone with his music equipment, including a new toy he had received but not yet had a chance to play with. I am still not sure what it does, but it is a shiny black box with lots of knobs and light-y up bits on it. Husband is besotted so we left the two of them alone to get acquainted.

And now the working week has started again but this time it is a four day week and then I am off when the boys break up for the October week. Woo hoo! Anyway, I am off to play the silly games I have discovered on Facebook. (I haven't yet plucked up the courage to play anyone at Scrabble yet, but will do soon. Hopefully.)


  1. That's the most amazing slide I've ever seen.

  2. My eldest would have reported feeling sick going down that slide (also whilst in the car, plane, train, or partaking of any food deemed "rich" - ie not oatcakes).

    But on the bright side, we did the boys back in the spring half term, so it's dad's turn down. So Hulla is off to Germany and I'll no doubt be twiddling something or other. Feel free to feel jealous.

  3. Well, ok, but I'm a poor teacher and I wouldn't go anywhere without running hot and cold and a working loo. I was a Girl Guide and went to camp and I'm not doing anything like that again.

    We're off to Berlin next week so that I can find out if my Higher German (1967) still works.

  4. Wooo, where's this country park Loth??? I want to take D there - he would LOVE it!