Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I have evil friends*

Remember ages ago when I posted about inventing a 1970s prog rock band just to torture a flatmate? Well, I recently met up again with our co-conspirator (I called her Ann in the post though that is not her real name. She is now so incredibly respectable that I could well ruin her career if I disclosed her real identity. She's sort of like Batman. With a bit less leather.)

I confessed to her that I had confessed to you and sent her the link to the post. She has commented on it and the comment is worth repeating:

"This is Ann of the above (has a certain ring to it 'Ann of the Above' I think). What we thought about doing but didn't was to write - using the official notepaper of a certain voluntary organisation that provides support services - to all of the independent record shops in town. The letter that we composed but never sent (honest) was to tell them that if a man answering Alan's description came into enquire about the Freedom Jets then they were to contact the authorities immediately as he was deluded and dangerous and required treatment. So, you see were even more horrible than you thought. We are all sensible and middle aged now with responsible jobs but I would still advise not to irritate us!"

I had completely forgotten about that bit. I am glad we were too lazy there was enough decency left in us not to proceed with our evil plan. Aren't you glad you didn't know us back then?

*Disclaimer: Not all of my friends are evil. But most of them are a bit odd.


  1. Au contraire, that story just makes me wish I'd known you back then *even more*.

  2. No, I wish I had. We'd have gotten on fabulously!

  3. I remember that story and it's still one of the best things I've ever read online.

  4. Now, I don't know if I count as your friend exactly but I deny being evil. And I think you're very bad and should do a punishment exercise. Though not for the letter part, since fantasy evil doesn't count. (I won't detail what I fantasised doing to my horrible Maths teacher, but it involved an early version - indeed I could claim to have invented it - of bungee jumping. Or bungee-being-pushed. Repeatedly.)

  5. Oh, I'd have liked to be in your gang. Yes, I'd have liked it very much indeed :)