Thursday, 28 January 2010

Suggestions please

This is a shameless plea for help from those of you out there who are either Nova Scotian or familiar with the area. The Loth clan will be making their annual pilgrimage to Canada in July this year. We are spending some time in Liverpool (I'll get you this time, Jess!), then a week on PEI. We finish up with a few days in our favourite B&B in the Annapolis Valley. Between PEI and Port Williams, we have a spare night to spend and no particular views on where to spend it.

So. Do any of you have any suggestions for a place to stay or something to do while we are en route? Any hidden gems to point us towards? Sneak up to Shediac for some lobster? Go and watch some birds in Sackville? Get tidal bored in Truro? What do you reckon? All suggestions gratefully received.

PS I know Ottowa isn't between PEI and Port Williams. Sorry about that.


  1. eh... Peggy's Cove? Sorry. I don't know anything beyond the obvious about Nova Scotia. I've never been :(

  2. You mean Ottawa is off the itinerary AGAIN??? Wolfville is a nice town and Cavendish PEI is a fun family place. Are you spending any time in Halifax? That's pretty much a must, right? The Cabot Trail? Sort of out-of-the way, I guess. I got nuthin'

  3. Shediac has the world's biggest fibreglass lobster. And plenty of slightly smaller and more edible ones.

  4. Having been to Shediac, I'd give it a miss... despite the huge lobster (and yes, of course I have pictures of myself with the lobster!) Sackville N.B. does have a lovely waterfowl park, and it's a pretty university town, not on the scale of Wolfville, which I think is a good thing.

    The tidal bore really is. A bore. It's neat, but not on as grand as you would expect for the highest tides in the world.

    You could stop in Moncton, there's lots to see & do there. How could you resist the pull of Magnetic Hill? They have Crystal Palace & the water park.

    Parrsborough has a small geological museum, a fossil site, and you could do some rock hounding on the shore. They have Ship's Company theater, too. Disclaimer: I haven't been to Parrsborough in many years, but it would be my pick.

    I asked my husband where he thought you should stop. His immediate response was "Big Stop, for a hot turkey and a shake!" Big Stop is in Aulac, NB, on the NS border :)

  5. We didn't make it to the Hopewell Rocks (NS) like we wanted to, but heard they are amazing.

    There is also a cool little Restaurant/Hostel/Bookstore along the Bay of Fundy called Mo's in Five Islands, Nova Scotia. Such good, fresh chowder!

  6. P.S. Oh, and I second the Peggy's Cove suggestion. We spent a day there and I was in awe of how BEAUTIFUL it was! And we went in October when it was cooler.