Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Useful information

Did you know that the best cat toy in the world is a set of vertical blinds? (Yes, I have vertical blinds. Don't judge me. They came with the house. I kind of like them now. Am thinking of getting brown suede ones.)

Anyway, the cats love them. They get to indulge in one of their favourite hobbies of staring out the window (and, in Bellus' case, chirruping in frustration at his inability to get out there and chase stuff) and at the same time play fight something dangly and rattle-y.

Well done to XUP, by the way, for identifying the source of the catty names. 'Fess up, now: did you Google it?


  1. The vertical blind magnetism gene must be built into all cats. Ours have it too.

  2. Actually, I gave birth to a strange alien child who enjoys things like that and tells me about it and sometimes things stick in my head. Also, she just mentioned it recently (I don't remember why) so it was still in reasonably fresh in my mind. By next month I won't know why you named your cats that anymore.