Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Just in case you are worried that I am deliberately neglecting you, dear readers, I waft in to tell you that my Google reader currently has 442 unread entries. 442!!! I'll have to give up housework (that will save 2 minutes a day) and feeding my children to give myself enough time to work through those!

So sorry if I have not been round to yours to comment on your words of wisdom. I have been playing Petville on Facebook with my niece and nephew in Australia instead. Oh and removing dead and dying mice from my house. But that is another story.


  1. Now, Loth, did I or did I not warn you that Facebook was addictive??

    But then again, I also think I encouraged you to get onto it ...


  2. I will probably not be posting next week -- or at least not much, so that will save you hours of reading. I did wonder what had happened to you, but you know...I didn't want to nag.

  3. Isn't mouse removal Zyra and Bellus's job?

  4. Sometimes it's best to dump your reader and start over.
    BTW If you want to Facebook me let me know and I will send you my "real name".

  5. Croila: Yes, I blame you. Entirely. My family will be round to your house to be cleaned and fed shortly.

    XUP: Nag as much as you like my dear. I'm not saying it will make any difference, but knock yourself out anyway.

    Alison: As I suspect you well know, Zyra is the reason there are dead and dying mice in my house in the first place. She is in a huff with me because I wouldn't let her keep them.

    Maribeth: Only give me your Facebook name if you don't mind being pestered for games of Wordtwist on a fairly regular basis. Ask XUP - she's regretting ever teaching me to play (I also cheat: I use SB as back up!)

  6. Glad to see you back. I was feeling neglected on behalf of your fan club.

  7. Google reader's backlog? Dump it :)) -- the whole Net is just one huge stream of data, flowing all over the space, regurgitating itself and being endlessly slurped by numerous bots and repeated. Write your stuff and let us enjoy :)