Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Testing, testing.....

No, Isabelle, I am not dead, but thanks for checking up on me. It's nice to know that someone cares and worries about whether I have collapsed in a heap over my laptop, exhausted by the production of mindless wittering.

But no, I am here, I just haven't been able to get near the computer (other than for brief Scrabble battles with my mother) due to small boys spiriting it away and watching Top Gear on Youtube (because there is not enough Top Gear on Dave apparently). There has also been quite a lot going on, none of which I can remember at present, but I promise I will come back again shortly and thrill you with the wondrous goings-on at Chateau Loth.

PS Only a week till we leave for Canada. Are you ready, Liverpool? Are ya?


  1. Glad yo are about! I'd wondered if you'd given up!

  2. Is 'Dave' the name of your television set?

  3. You need your own computer.

    See you post Canada. Have a wonderful time.

  4. How long will you be in Canada? You will be back when we come to Edinburgh, won't you? We have to have that tea. Er, is tea just tea?

  5. Your absence from cyberspace hasn't been as prolonged as mine! I'm just popping in today to say hallo to few fine blogosphere friends, so consider yourself hallo'd :-D