Wednesday, 21 July 2010

We're back!

The Loth clan has successfully returned to its den after the annual Canadian Extravaganza. The lack of posting since we got back on Friday is due to (1) the 2 days it took us to get home and (2) the monster pile of laundry which has been squatting in our upstairs hall threatening to eat the children unless I did something about it.

The laundry has now been beaten into submission and our sleep patterns have just about recovered so I will be regaling you with tales of our travels shortly. I apologise in advance for the level of tedious detail I will be going into - this blog serves as my memory these days so I need to record the events of the holiday for my own benefit. Feel free to skip through the posts if descriptions of my younger son eating fish and chips for 9 days straight don't thrill you to the bone.

Just before I go off to try to cut my grass (it grew three feet in the two weeks we were away) I have to tell you the best bit from the holiday. We were in Liverpool NS for Canada day and managed (this time) to meet up with Jessica from Daysgoby. This was very exciting for me, and Jess, Husband and I spent a lovely half hour or so laughing and chatting. Second Born joined in initially to claim responsibility for stealing crops from Jessica's farm on Facebook and then wandered off. First Born isn't fond of chat unless it revolves around Dr Who and other forms of science fiction, so he too wandered off.

Realising it had gone quiet, we looked around and found this

Yup, the excitement of meeting Jess in the flesh was so great, it sent my children to sleep. On park benches, no less. Jess tells me she is willing to repeat this feat on any other children, for a small fee. Form an orderly queue now.


  1. Welcome back, McLoths!

    Could Jess work her magic on my mother, do you think?

  2. Welcome back!

    How exciting that you got to meet Jess. I'm hoping to be so lucky one day.

  3. Glad you had a fab time. Am thinking it might be worth the drive to NS to have Jess perform her magic on my spawn. They seem to not fall asleep ever these days. Looking forward to reading about your trip.

  4. There is NO WAY anyone could put my boy to sleep like that. I'm highly envious! Cracking photos. Sounds like a marvellous trip!

  5. Oh, you told me about that but this is way better.

    We just got home and the laundry is under way.