Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Brief Update

Sister in law got away to Kuala Lumpur on Sunday. She e-mailed us this morning to say she was just back from a nice dip in the outdoor pool.


Mum and Dad did not get away on Monday as another few inches of snow were unceremoniously dumped on Edinburgh on Monday morning. They have decided to re-arrange their flights entirely and are now due to fly out on 17th December, returning on 21st January.

Now we just have to get them back to their house in Livingston. It is only 17 miles away but might as well be on the moon at the moment. The M8 (the main highway between Edinburgh and Glasgow for those non-Scots among you) is closed and has been closed since yesterday. The other main-ish road to Livingston is described as "just about passable" but there is no way of knowing what the roads are like once you leave the main drag.

So parents planning to stay one more night and then head home tomorrow. We hope. (By writing that I have, of course, just ensured that an unexpected blizzard will hit tonight with another 3 feet of snow by morning.)


  1. So sorry about the accidental B&B. Speaking of Bs (the plural of B, and not the abbreviation of a rude word) how is Bellus liking the snow? Does he want to go out? Max will leap through the door and then turn and look at me as if it's all my fault that there's white stuff everywhere.

  2. I implore you to please send us your snow! Still no snow here in New Hampshire! I so want a white Christmas!

  3. Don't you dare cause more snow!!!!