Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Five in a row and not in a good way

Mum and Dad arrived at my house two hours ago, ready to leave for the airport at the crack of dawn tomorrow for their flight to Australia. About an hour ago their flight was cancelled. Again. That makes 5 flights booked, 5 flights cancelled. A 100% record they could have entirely done without.

Please send any spare vodka to Livingston. My mother is in dire need.


  1. I simply cannot believe the weather you are having there!

  2. That sounds horribly epic.... Like, it is probably super annoying, but then at some point you will just think it is hilarious... Right? :D Maybe not!

  3. Good grief!!!! I'm starting to think that they're jinxed. Poor them. I hope the airline is taking good care of them and not giving them any difficulties.

  4. OH DEAR!!!!

    Why anyone would want to go to Australia away from this beautiful snow, I can't imag - oh, wait a minute, yes I can.

    That Christmas Fairy just isn't doing her stuff. She didn't do my shopping. She didn't decorate the tree. And now she hasn't fixed the weather. You just cannot get the staff these days.

    Hope things change soon!