Saturday, 23 July 2011

Did you miss me?

Just back from the wonders of Canada. We had the usual grind of having to negotiate Gatwick and London on our way back so will take a day or two to recover from that (hurry up someone, and reinstate direct flights to Nova Scotia from Glasgow - this is getting tiresome). That said, I would go through a great deal to get to the Maritimes for our annual break. Staying in a cottage with a view like this from its deck is priceless
Those two not-so-little blobs on the beach are First Born and Second Born off to frolic in the surf. I was on the deck coating myself in SPF 60 sunblock and snapped a photo before I left.

Also, wonder of wonders, my curse is broken! I am no longer known as "The Whale Repellant" We went whalewatching from Brier Island and.......I SAW WHALES!!! We encountered a female humpback whale and her calf and they stayed and played around the boat for over an hour. (In fact the captain of the boat tried repeatedly to leave but was thwarted by the whales playing and rolling around the boat - he couldn't start up the engines without risking their injury and they wouldn't leave!!) These photos don't really do justice to how wonderful the whales were and how close they were - we got thoroughly sprayed from their blow-holes every time they surfaced ("Aargh! Whale snot!!!" yelled my children, much to their own amusement.)
More soon once brain is functioning. Meantime, congratulations to Isabelle and K on becoming a grandmother and mother respectively. Pop over to Isabelle's blog for some lovely pictures to coo over.


  1. Great pictures!!! So glad the vacation was a good one!
    Keep slathering on that Sunscreen. My hubby, who is a McEwan, just had another lesion taken off. The dermatologist said that the Scottish, Irish and English keep him in business.

  2. Thank you (she murmurs modestly). He is the most lovely baby for about 27 years, in my humble and totally unbiased opinion. You may of course feel differently.

    Great pictures! Glad you had fun.

  3. Awesome! It is wonderful wonderful when the whales cooperate.

  4. Oh wow, you got so close to the whales! I saw some teeny-tiny spouts way out to sea once, which was pretty cool but to see them up close must have been fantastic!