Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I don't think I qualify as Scottish any more

We ate dinner last night in the dining room with the patio doors open to let in the sunshine. (This helpfully enabled the throwing of scraps of smoked salmon to the cat. He naturally assumed it was raining food. He approves of this development.) The boys and I then went out for a walk - without scarves and jackets - at 8pm. We needed neither umbrellas nor torches.

Today, I have washing hanging out on the line (well, whirlygig technically) and it is neither getting wetter than it was when it came out of the machine nor freezing rigid. It is blowing gently in a very slight WARM breeze. This is March. In Edinburgh.

You know we will pay for this later, don't you?


  1. We had the same thing here in New Hampshire, USA last week. Ah, how wonderful. This week, we are back to cold, rain and I am not too happy. Alas, it is still March.

  2. I'm confused by this non-Scottish weather you're having. Where did your real weather go?