Monday, 19 March 2012

Much gratitude

Thank you all for so kindly participating in First Born's e-reader survey. I agree, there were many more options for responses that could have been provided, but (1) it's FB's survey, not mine and I know when to butt out, and (2) it is going to be challenging enough for this poor middle-aged wifie to assist in analysing the data as it is. More options = more headaches = more gin required and that is not an example I necessarily wish to set.

Seriously, thank you all very much. You are all lovely and ought to be allowed to laze around and eat chocolate all day every day. Speaking of which.....

It was Mothers' Day (Mother's Day?) on Sunday and, along with a cup of tea and some toasted fruit loaf (prepared and served as it should be prepared ie COLD) I received this

That right there is a bespoke box of Thornton's chocolates with a picture of The Corbies garden on the lid. A box of Alpini chocolates, to be precise. My favourite. Or, more accurately, mostly Alpini. I suspect Husband had a hand in the selection. He is rather fond of the Viennese Truffles. Can you tell?

Each layer comes pre-loaded with a chocolate specially placed for Husband to steal! It's a good job I'm fond of him.

So, between receiving my favourite chocolates, tea and cold toast in bed and a morning spent lazing around in the spring sunshine here (spot the Kindle poised and ready) was one of the nicer Sundays I have ever spent.

Also, you may notice our whisky barrels perched proudly on the pigsty roof. This is Husband's experiment to try to stop the local bunny population from munching our peas. He reckons if we plant them up there, the pesky varmints won't manage to get onto the roof and then into the barrels so we should in theory be able to manage a decent crop of peas this year. Whether he is hoping for whisky-infused peas, I am not sure. I'll keep you posted.

PS If you have any friends who wouldn't mind doing FB's survey, it will be up for about another day. I'm just saying. No pressure.


  1. Just found your lovely blog, and I'm a new follower ~ so nice to meet you!
    Anne ♥♥

  2. You don't have pigs down there do you?!!!! (I mean, of the porcine variety.)

  3. Mother's Day - the original founder was adamant that it was a day for each family to celebrate their own mother, hence singular placement of the apostrophe (ref - but by reverting to "Mothering Sunday" you avoid this issue completely :)

  4. In the US it comes in May, and we can't revert to Mothering Day as we've never called it that. But I say leave off the apostrophe altogether, as it is a Day for Mothers. But what do I know?