Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Senior moment

Here is a little puzzle for you.

These are the pots on my kitchen windowsill in which I am trying to grow sweetcorn seedlings (aiming for Oklahoma-style corn as high as an elephant's eye.  Will probably end up with corn barely covering a slug's bottom.)  Can you spot the problem?  At first I was blaming the cat for the poor performance of the pot on the end.  Bellus tends to sit on that windowsill gazing out longingly at the garden he can easily reach via the catflap and I was accusing him of shriveling my potential seedlings with his atrocious catty breath. 

But no.  Turns out I forgot to put seeds in the last pot.  I checked.  I was really hoping to find cat-breath shriveled part-germinated corpses in there rather than accept that I have been hoping to grow sweetcorn from compost and thin air. 

I will try to avoid being distracted by something shiny this weekend for long enough to put something seedy in that final pot. Chances are of course that I will then forget to bring it home so I can put it with the others and water it. 

1 comment:

  1. Watch the tap root on the corn - it grows fast.