Friday, 2 November 2012

It's a room! Sort of!

Work on the house is proceeding.  It feels like it is going slowly but then you look out of the window and it looks like this. 

And the inside looks like this.  You can sort of see that it is going to be a room.
I tried to get a photo of the cat climbing around on the roof timbers before the roof cladding went on but he is not terribly well disposed towards me at the moment.  He disapproves of all the noise and disruption, he DEEPLY dislikes the nail gun the joiners were using and most of all he hates being expected to eat and sleep in the playhouse when we are not around.  A fully carpeted playhouse, I might add.  Even though I had a catflap installed specially for him.  And put a chair in there,  And a basket.  And his favourite blanket.  And food and drink.  I suspect if he had opposable thumbs he would be packing up his belongings into a spotted hankie on a stick and leaving home to look for more caring owners. 

On a more positive note, I have discovered that if you want to gently discourage guisers at Halloween (if, say, for the sake of argument, you don't mind guisers coming round and you really  meant to get organised but due to various stuff going on you had completely forgotten to get any treats in to hand out) then you could do a lot worse than filling your driveway and front garden with a skip, several large bags of cement and multiple piles of wood.  And mud.  Lots of mud. 


  1. Oh goodness, why have I not visited your blog before? Am rather feebly giggling as I read, feeble because I have a roaring sinus headache and should not be looking at blogs, it's all Isabelle's fault, lol, but will be back, soon, when we have unpacked our w oddly goods, arriving tomorrow.