Sunday, 18 November 2012

Theft by housebreaking

When I left home to go to work on Friday, my kitchen looked like it did in the last post.  When I came home, it looked like this:

The rest of it is in a skip in our driveway.  What I sadly failed to take a photograph of was the lovely graffiti applied to the dining room wall by the boys the night before the wall came down.  I'm sure the builders were not at all disconcerted when they arrived to find "They're watching you!" and "BEHIND YOU!!!"  scrawled in blood red marker pen on the wall.

Whilst the kitchen is currently rocking the (very) minimalist look, my garage currently looks like this:

In estate agent-speak, our garage is now a "storage facility come laundry with built-in bijou kitchen annexe".  The kitchen annexe being the microwave and toaster you can see there sitting on top of a trunk full of books and beneath my husband's grandmother's old jelly pan.  On a completely (almost) different tack, as my new hob will be an electric induction one, that jelly pan will no longer work for me.  Anyone know a sneaky technique for conning an induction hob into believing a pan is ferrous when it isn't?

New kitchen arrives on Wednesday and is due to be fitted by the end of next week.  I foresee a week of toast, soup and takeaways.


  1. Oh, so reminiscent of our remodel. Only instead of living in our garage, we ended up doing the same thing in a friend's basement because power and water were unexpectedly disconnected in our house for three months :-) I figure I can tell you that now because you're past that happening.

  2. Cassi Renee: Thank you for your consideration! And how on earth did you manage to retain your sanity while living out of a friend's basement for three months?!!

  3. Well, it's all very exciting and I sympathise because we did it too and I'm NOT doing it again. However, the pain fades once the new kitchen is up and running. Or cooking.