Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Hello! I'm home!

Truth be told I've been home for a few days but boy is work busy just now. In fact I am feeling slightly guilty about taking 10 minutes with my cup of tea to post this. Lake District was nice, lovely to see my brother and his family and we stayed in a lovely old 17th century farmhouse. Full of idiosyncrasies: 2 doors into the bathroom (one from the hall, one from the kitchen) and so big it was full of furniture. Including a chaise longue. I really want a chaise longue in my own bathroom now except I'd have to climb over it to get to the loo.

Didn't manage to either run or eat properly whilst away with the result that I am (1) seriously not in good shape for the weekend coming and (2) 6 pounds heavier than I was when I last looked. So trying to get back on the wagon (or at least remember where I left the wagon) this week.

This weekend coming is of course the weekend of the grudge match take 2. Second born and I are running in a 2km fun run on Sunday morning. We last raced together in June and he beat me hollow. Came in across the line a whole 1.5 minutes ahead of me and was scoffing his snacks out of his goody bag as I panted over the finish. I had toyed with the idea of setting up a sweepstake to raise money for charity - more interesting than straight sponsorship - but I have been so busy that I haven't had time. The idea was I was going to get people to make a donation and in return they would be allowed a guess at how many minutes and seconds Second Born will beat me by on Sunday. I would have donated a bottle of champagne or something for the closest guess. But, as I say, that idea stayed just an idea. However if you would like to guess just how badly I will be humiliated by a 7 year old on Sunday, feel free to have a go! Last race was 2.5km rather than the 2km we will run on Sunday and although I came in 1 minute and 32 seconds behind SB, in my defence I had a chest infection at the time. Although to be honest, I am perfectly healthy now and I still expect to be trounced come the weekend.

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