Sunday, 28 October 2007

Humiliation complete

We set off this morning for the depths of sunny Livingston for our fun run. I was not optimistic about my chances, not having been out running in any meaningful way for about 3 weeks. And was that a cough I could feel brewing in my chest?..... Added to that, Second Born has been making a point of telling me precisely how many training laps of the playground he has been doing each day in preparation for trouncing me good style.

The run was at a sports centre in Livingston and was, as always seems to be the case with these runs put on by small local running clubs, really well organised and very friendly. Everyone from the marshals to the girls behind the registration desks to the ladies wielding industrial size teapots was chatty and encouraging. We got our numbers, warmed up and even managed to get to the start line in time (we nearly missed it last time and had to run to the race!)

There were about 30 or so runners, almost all keen looking kids in club vests. Only 3 or 4 adults like me running with kids. Another mum and I exchanged "What on earth have we let ourelves in for?" looks. And we were off. I knew I should start slowly - I can't run fast in any circumstances - but the kids whizzed off and it's really hard to run slowly when everyone else tears off into the distance. Added to that - the first part of the race was one and a half laps round a race track before heading off across the car park. So if I ran at my usual pace, I was in serious danger of being publicly lapped by a 10 year old after only 2 minutes! I do have some pride so I ran faster than normal. And faster than I should have, as it turned out. Got out of breath too quickly and never got it back so had a pretty rubbishy run.

SB on the other hand set off well, kept his pace steady, didn't walk at all (more than his mum can say) and crossed the finish line barely breaking sweat. He managed a time of 10 minutes 38 seconds. I staggered in after him at 11 minutes 44. I am really proud of the wee one - he really can run!

He is now agitating to participate in the Great Winter Run (junior version) in January. I think I may have to let him. And I had better get training for that 10K next year. On today's performance, I have some work to do.


  1. Congrats to your wee one on a great run. Maybe you should sign up for the job where you stand off to the side holding out bottles of water and power bars. I am a terrible runner, so if my son takes up running, that is where I will be.

  2. And this is why I don't run. Being beaten by small boys. Oh, and the wrinkles. And any other excuse I can find, actually...

  3. I did the grownup version of the Great Winter Run two years ago, and am almost certainly doing it again this year - it was good fun, but it's quite steep to begin with! I did it with my husband, who basically runs like a small boy, but chivalrously stuck with me.

    As for the miniature bundt cake tins - they have them in our local Lidl at the moment! I am so bad at resisting Lidl cookware, it's so cheap...

  4. Well done both of you. Just wait till your laddie is your age and has had children... then see how fast he can run.