Thursday, 1 November 2007

I did what now?

Um, in a moment of optimistic madness I seem to have signed up for Nablopomoohno! Which means I have to try to post every day in November. And November was really far away when I signed up and thought "I'll have plenty of time between now and then to come up with a stock of witty, articulate, thought-provoking posts to draw on when inspiration dries up". And now it's......not so far away. And I have nothing in reserve. So can I just apologise for the next 29 days in advance? And if any of you kind people out there have ideas for posts or even questions to ask that I can answer and call it a post, go ahead and let me know.
And as I am typing this on Halloween evening, I have to give you the best joke from guisers so far, courtesy of Josh who is 5 and lives over the road:

Knock! Knock!
Who's there?
Dunnup who?

Well I laughed.


  1. Would you like to do memes, or are they too boring? I have two I haven't done yet but would be happy to pass on!

  2. All grist to the mill, Isabelle - bring them on!