Thursday, 8 November 2007

End of week 1

Well, I seem to have struggled through week one of Nablopomo posting every day. I can't pretend the posts are good ones, but they are at least there. The imperative to sit down for five minutes each and every day has been interesting. Basically I thought more fun stuff happened on a daily basis in my life than seems to be the case. Although I suppose spending a couple of days moaning and clutching my head and stomach haven't really helped.

Last night was Parents' Night at school for both boys. Nice to see the boys' new teachers in a one-to-one setting. Less good sitting on those teeny wee chairs and trying to haul ourselves out of them afterwards. We were, as always, mugged on the way back into the house by the two boys trying to get details of what their teachers said about them. So of course we told them that the school said they were both awful and they wanted them out of there by Friday. To howls of "No, they didn't, be serious!", we conceded that okay, the school didn't really say that and in fact the teachers just said that they were both a bit smelly, especially around the feet, and could we please do something about that. I think the boys still aren't buying that but since we have not sat them down for a "Talk" they know the reports were pretty good (which they were).

So, back to work now and hopefully out for another run sometime this century.

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