Friday, 23 November 2007

Well, it's Friday

This NaBloPoMo thing has definitely been interesting as more than once I have found myself facing a blank laptop screen , devoid of inspiration but needing to write something. Most days something has occurred to me, albeit not always something terribly enlightening or entertaining. Tonight is a blank night. It is 7.30pm. I am home from work. Husband is out doing musical type stuff and the boys and I are lounging in the living room. First Born is playing Gameboy. Second Born is producing another of his fantastical Lego creations (last night's was a car which was controlled by the driver's mind and with an engine that you unplugged and took with you when you left so it wasn't worth stealing the car). I have every intention of preparing something comforting to eat later and vegging in front of the TV.

I half-heartedly thought of joining in the fun of photographing the fridge contents but as I am (a) really feeling very lazy indeed, (b) a bit dense about operating our camera, and (c) due to go shopping tomorrow and the fridge is accordingly so bare that I'm sure I saw tumbleweed rolling across the salad drawer, I have decided not to. (Yet!)

The weekend in prospect is full of the usual joys: shopping, running (I hope to do 6km this weekend. You may shout at me on Monday if I haven't at least tried), washing and if we are very lucky, a family walk at some point. The weekend weather has been unremittingly awful recently so it would be nice to get up into the hills again for a bit of fresh air if we can. OH! And Strictly Come Dancing of course. Second Born and I are predicting that John Barnes will go out this week. Maybe I had better schedule some nice rough football practice for the boys too. Just to redress the balance....

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