Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Well, I'm vertical

After yesterday's exciting post I succumbed to the dreaded lergy and went home to bed, thanking Heaven that my mum and dad are around to help with the kids. I can't begin to imagine how difficult all this sort of stuff is for parents who both work and don't have such excellent, willing and capable childcare on tap. Anyway after about 6 hours sleep I surfaced briefly in the early evening and then went back to bed again at 8pm. Woke this morning feeling not exactly well, but not nearly as bad as I was, so I am back to work. On the plus side, I have not felt like eating so the return to the wagon after the Halloween binge is off to a flying start!

First Born is still off school having moved from being sick to having problems at the other end. Fortunately he is now big enough that he looks after himself in that department and even managed to change his own pyjamas etc, so we didn't even discover he'd been unwell until this morning! Second Born is pouting slightly at being completely healthy and therefore required to attend school. I mean, what unreasonable parents we are - there is nothing wrong with him and we still insist he goes to school. Tyrants, we are.

Normal service will hopefully be resumed here now and I should soon be able to post something slightly more interesting than a run-down of the state of various family members' digestive tracts.

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  1. Thank goodness for parents! I hope you are all well soon. I remember one time my husband and I were both suffering from food poisoning. My youngest was about 3 months old and my oldest was 2 years old. My husband and I laid on the floor and through various toys at them until the cavalry in the form of my mother showed up to save the day.