Wednesday, 14 November 2007

I have a really bad....uh......thingummy

I am turning into my Granny. Or, to be more accurate, my mum is turning into my Granny and I am following behind her. I used to laugh at my granny as a child because she could never remember my name. I was right in front of her, my mum only had 2 kids and the other one was a boy, and still she couldn't get my name right. In fact what she most often called me was "(my mum's name) err.. I mean (my aunt's name) I mean (my name)!" Every time. I thought it was just my granny's idiosyncrasy. But now I know better. Now I know that children rot your brain cells and at the same time, fill up the ones you have left with a pile of stuff to remember (school trips, packed lunches, clean swimming kit, tell him to cut his nails or I'll paint them pink) so there is no room left for the other stuff. Like your kid's names. I now frequently find myself addressing a child as "Hey, First Born, I mean Second Born, I mean Fred or whatever your name is!" And I once addressed my dear child by the cat's name. He answered too. He knew what I meant.


  1. I have called my kids by my dog's name before. This is usually when they are doing something bad and I want them to stop. Not that my dog is bad. She just used to have this annoying habit of barking all of the time and I'd find myself saying, "Shasta, stop that." No I just say that to the boys, and they stop.

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  2. :) My sister and I have first and middle names beginning with 'L', and the dog we had when we were kids was called Leah. Boy was that fun for our grandparents!

    But now I have my husband, James, and my dog, Jodie, and they both get called 'Jomes'.