Saturday, 24 November 2007

Iceberg ahoy!

Do you know how, if you are 9, you make an iceberg? No? Well, settle in and let me enlighten you. You get a carrier bag, fill it with water (do this upstairs so you have to carry it downstairs again, full of water), and then you put it in the chest freezer in the garage and wait for it to freeze. If you like, you can put it right beside that cup of dry tea leaves you put in there last week just to see what would happen. DO NOT ask for permission/help from any grownup. They will just spoil the fun by insisting you do stuff like check if the bag has holes in it.

Do you know how NOT to make an iceberg if you are 9? Get the aforesaid perforated carrier bag, place it in the bathroom sink and turn on the tap to fill it. Get called down for dinner by your Granny and think "Great! Noodles and tuna, my favourite!" Run downstairs for dinner. Eat dinner, happily humming to yourself. 20 minutes later, think "Uh-oh!" when Granny says "I am sure I can hear water running somewhere........."

Discover that, interestingly, your bathroom is located right above the entrance hall. Right above that damp patch shaped like Luxembourg. Wait, France. No wait, Canada.......

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  1. My only question is: How can you be calm enough to sit down & blog this remarkable event!...why are you not in jail for infanticide?