Sunday, 11 November 2007

Me and my big mouth

I ought to have known better. It was tempting fate in a big way. After my wee tummy bug or whatever it was at the beginning of last week, I finished a post with something like "It could have been worse - at least I wasn't ill on the weekend". Well, guess what. I've been ill on the weekend. Second Born has been ill this weekend - his turn with the virus - and I seem to have at least partially come out in sympathy.

I went to bed at 10pm last night and had to haul myself out again at 11am this morning. Managed to take First Born to his karate class and then came back and basically folded myself onto the couch with Second Born and stayed there. We watched old Doctor Who episodes, back to back Jamie Oliver (which is a bit too perky when you're not well, to be honest) followed by Star Wars episode VI which is the old episode 3 I think - the one with those little furry things (you can tell I was really concentrating). I have had the grand total of one bowl of Rice Krispies all day and I have every intention of going to bed in the next half hour or so. Oh! and I finally finished reading the last Harry Potter book to the boys and I managed not to cry too much and they didn't take the mickey too much when I sniffled. So we'll have to find something else to read at night now.

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