Saturday, 10 November 2007

Fame at last

A letter from BBC Scotland dropped through our letterbox this morning inviting Second Born and I to attend the BBC studio in Glasgow this Friday for the early evening slot of the Children in Need live broadcast. Second Born is delighted of course (First Born less so).

I am quite looking forward to seeing the inside of a real TV studio and to seeing whether they do indeed surreptitiously drug those studio audiences in order to achieve the required level of enthusiastic hysteria. If you see me standing on a chair, whooping at the top of my voice, you will know that they have slipped something into my diet coke.

The downside (you knew I'd find one, didn't you?) is that they would like us to come in our running gear. That's fine for Second Born but I am not sure the country's retinas are quite ready for the spectacle of me in lycra. Do you think they will believe me if I claim I always run in a full length dressing gown?


  1. Oh cool! I'll look out for you!

  2. I realise that you're not well, but that's not really an excuse for writing "inviting Second Born and I", is it? Sorry to pick on someone who's going to have to appear on tv in Lycra, but I think you meant "inviting Second Born and me", didn't you?

    Sorry - I actually don't normally correct people's grammar in blogs, but - well...

    Hope you're feeling better. tomorrow.

  3. Isabelle, I prostrate myself in apology before you. I will partly blame the illness and partly the fact I had about 2 minutes flat in which to post. There is however no excuse for bad grammar.

  4. From someone who has been in a live studio audience before, I can say that we were not drugged prior to the taping of the broadcast. We were, however, "livened up" prior to by a very funny man whose job it was to make sure the audience wasn't sitting there like a giant dud when the real star arrived to entertain. Have a great time!