Friday, 2 November 2007

The chocolate has eyes

I'm not kidding. It's looking at me. All that calorie-stuffed nutrition-free sugar-laden goodness. I mean badness. I know I double wrapped it in plastic bags. And then put it in the garage. On the top shelf. The one I have to get the stepladder down to reach. But still. I can feel that it's looking at me, calling to me. I could of course go and throw it in the bin right now and be done with it but is there a red-blooded Scottish person alive who can throw away perfectly good sweeties? And if I go near enough to pick up the bag to throw it out I am scared I will be sucked into its sugary gravity field and, well, things will only get messy from there.

Blooming polite guisers/trick-or-treaters - all their fault. Kept telling them to take handfuls and they all took one or two pieces each. Halloween is hard for those of us with no willpower.


  1. Don't do it! I stuffed my face with chocolate last night and it's so not worth it. Of course, my husband told me not to and I didn't listen. And I know it won't be the last time... sigh. :)

  2. Ah... I know that look. The packet of chocolate fingers is at the back of the cupboard, behind several layers of tins, here. But I know it's whispering to me. Bah.