Sunday, 18 November 2007

Sunday again

I can't believe how quickly the weekends go these days. One minute it is Friday evening and in a blink of an eye it is Sunday evening and I am shepherding boys into the shower with a cattle prod. It was a dreich Sunday today in Edinburgh. First Born had his karate class and Second Born and I cemented our return to the mundane after our media debut by taking a trip to Makro.

I have to confess to a secret fondness for Makro. There is something alluring about all those familiar products but in HUGE quantities. The sight of boxes and boxes of Caramac, for example, always sets the heart racing! The shopping we do there is pretty dull though - toilet roll, kitchen roll, washing up liquid, trays of tins of tuna and plum tomatoes and beans. It does feel a bit like you are settling in for a siege when you get home. Second Born as always enjoyed being on his own without his older brother and was very helpful (small boys are useful for climbing into the very back of those big shelves to fish out the last of the BOGOF Bounty kitchen roll!) Rest of the day has been spent cooking, washing, forcing First Born to do some work for his project that is due in on Tuesday - the usual. I now fully intend to watch the Strictly Come Dancing results (please please please let Kate be put out this week!), eat something unhealthy and get to bed early. Hope everyone else had a good weekend too.

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