Tuesday, 27 November 2007

I apologise for this post in advance

Nothing interesting has happened to me today (other than that I have lost my watch which fell off my wrist because it has been needing a new strap for a while and I am dumb and didn't replace it. I got the watch for my 21st birthday mumble-teen years ago so I am kind of upset about that) I have been at my desk all day other than that and am due to participate in a partners' meeting tonight which I can tell you in advance will not qualify as interesting or entertaining on any criteria you care to mention. Partnership meetings, certainly in my experience, consist of us all getting together, moaning about how we don't like being lawyers and failing to make any decisions on any topic at all until we all get bored and go home. Oh, and the others talk about football for a while but I glaze over during that. So. There you go. A mixture of dull and dumb. Not a brilliant Tuesday really. (And needless to say I did not get out for a run at lunchtime because I was busy phoning shops to see if they had my watch. They didn't.) Rainbows and sunshine and unicorns tomorrow, promise.


  1. But is there liquor involved? Sorry about your watch. Hope you find it.

  2. That does suck. I lost my wedding ring for several months one time. I thought it was gone forever. Then, one morning, I saw it laying in the carpet of my closest. It had finally fallen out of the pocket of a pair of pants that I put it in.

    I know, I know.. "Why did you take it off in the first place. By the end of the day it hurts my finger - so I keep taking it off and putting it in too many different places.


  3. Bad things happen to my watches, too. One went through the wash once. Mind you, my brother did that with his mobile phone...

    I lost my engagement ring for six weeks once, and it turned out to be in the back of a cupboard (flicked off my finger as I reached in - I got it made smaller afterwards). So hope yet remains, I'd say. Check the laundry!