Wednesday, 28 November 2007

I'm so excited

No, I didn't find my watch (sadly) and it's not the prospect of the exciting summons I have to draft this afternoon. It's not the fact that I got the last one of the absolutely out-of-this-world french chocolates our occasional French/Spanish work assistant brought us (proper marzipan in dark chocolate - bliss!). It's not the prospect of a cup of tea shortly (though being Scottish, that is always cause for a little celebration). It's not the fact that I found the file for which I've been looking for a few (*cough* five *cough*) days. It's the fact that, after work today, my husband and I are going out. To the cinema. On our own. Sans children. My sister-in-law is kindly doing the boy wrangling for us this evening and we are off to see Beowulf. In 3D no less! I know it's a popcorn movie and I know it will bear little or no resemblance to the epic poem (we actually have the excellent Seamus Heaney translation at home, for we are interleckshewall) but I reckon it will be a good bit of mindless escapism. My only concern is that if I am put in a comfy seat in a darkened room and allowed to sit still and do nothing for 2 hours, I may just doze off. Either way, I'll enjoy myself. Review tomorrow!

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  1. I am a fan of the epic poem, and wondered about the movie. I'm excited to read your review tomorrow. I'm sure your husband will have no problem staying awake, as I hear Angelina shows some skin.