Monday, 5 November 2007

Eurgh, it's Monday

Not a good start to the week. First Born wasn't well yesterday and finally threw up late last night. He managed to do so into a bucket rather than all over his bed, so I should be thankful for small mercies. (As an aside, I always laugh when I hear new parents-to-be worrying about whether they will be able to cope with dirty nappies. Dirty nappies are nothing, NOTHING compared to having a small child vomit down your neck, in your hair and your ears at 3am and then having to clean up not only the child, and yourself, but the bed said child also covered with puke. I'll take any number of nappy explosions if I never again have to scrape a mattress and pillow in the wee small hours.)

Anyway, having vomitted last night, school policy dictates he must be off school today. Which meant an early morning call to my mother to ask if she can come in early to look after him so we can get to work. I note at this point that I am feeling a bit off-colour myself. Put it down to the chinese food we had last night and crack on. My Dad (my hero!) arrived within an hour and we set off to drop Second Born off to school. Only to find that the road the school is on is being dug up and it took us the best part of 40 minutes to perform the drop which normally takes 10 minutes start to finish.

Got into work with 10 minutes to spare and remembered I have a dentist's appointment this morning. Note that I am beginning to feel worse and that if a dentist comes near me I am likely to throw up on him. So nipped along to the dentist's office (which is about 4 doors down from where I work) and his assistant took one look at me and agreed we should rearrange the appointment. Hmmmm. That can't be good. So I am now sitting at my desk nursing a headache and a vague queasiness and wondering whether I should just give in and go home.

First Born of course is now full of beans and is IMing me about the videos he is watching on YouTube (we're such a modern family!). Mind you, it could have been worse. I could have been sick all weekend.

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