Thursday, 15 November 2007

My first!

Heather tagged me for a meme! I've never been tagged before! This is almost as exciting as my first comment. I feel so grown up in an interwebby sort of way. (So, Heather, should we exchange rings or something?)

And since this is the month of NaBloPoMo there is no way I am going to turn down the opening for a post. The meme is the variation on a favourite "8 random things about me" so here goes:

1. I am terrified of moths. I know they can't bite, sting or throw things at me but just the sight of one makes me go all shaky and adrenaline-y. I can now just about handle the little ones, but those big hairy ones with faces? Eurgh. I'll be in another room until you KILL IT!

2. I don't like clothes shopping or shoe shopping. If I have to buy something, I will go in and out of the shop as fast as possible. When I find something that fits the bill, I stop. Don't know how to browse aimlessly.

3. I can make fart noises with my hands - really expressive ones. I am talented. I taught First Born to do this and REALLY wish I hadn't.

4. I once won first, second AND third prize in a fancy dress contest. Because no-one else entered. (I suppose it could have been worse - I might still not have won)

5. Uncannily similar to Heather, I like looking at the sale listings for other people's houses, but particularly in Canada where we go on holiday. I remarked only the other day to Husband that I would like to spend part of our holiday looking at houses for sale there. The only things stopping me doing so are (1) the children would never view this as a fun holiday activity and (2) I would feel so guilty at wasting the real estate agents' time.

6. I can bite my toenails. I mean, I don't but I could.

7. I used to like to drink cold coffee (with milk in it) as a child. That disgusts me too, now.

8. I am a lawyer and became one because a teacher told me, when I was 17, that "Law is a good degree. You should study law" and I shrugged, and did, and here I am. I would like to go back to my 17 year old self and tell her to run, RUN! in the other direction and go off and study something I actually choose myself.

9. I really hate celery. Oh, you knew that.....

There you are. I am supposed to tag 8 other unsuspecting victims. I don't think I know 8 other bloggers well enough to tag, so I will (with trepidation) tag K, Lynsey, Anne and Isabelle. Anyone else reading this who has a blog and hasn't done this meme? Consider yourself tagged too.

And if you haven't already done so, go and read Heather's blog. It's cool.


  1. I feel like I know you so well now, though not well enough for the ring exchange. Thanks for participating, and for calling my blog "cool." Quite a complement, as I consider your blog the epitomy of coolness!

  2. Oh, wow, I don't have any classes on a Friday (spend the day marking correspondence courses and preparing classes and stuff) so you'd think I might manage to hear you on the radio. Radio Scotland, though. Have to ask husband where that is on the radio. And being me, will probably forget - old age being what it is... But I'd like to hear you!

    Thanks for tagging me. I really like doing memes - at the moment I have two that I haven't had time to do (both have difficult questions like ... well, I can't remember, but they need thought. But I'll get round to them and yours if I can just stop having visitors and so much work to do).

  3. PS hope the bruise isn't too bad or if so, that it at least looks impressive and gets you lots of sympathy.

    I love the idea of a deflated you, by the way.

  4. I shall answer forthwith! (And link you. I keep thinking that I must at moments when I haven't got the time to go and wrangle with recalcitrant HTML.)

    I can do number three, too. Unfortunately, so can my husband. Perhaps we should have daughters...